GolfBays PRO Impact Screen - GolfBays
GolfBays PRO Impact Screen - GolfBays
GolfBays PRO Impact Screen - GolfBays
GolfBays PRO Impact Screen - GolfBays
GolfBays PRO Impact Screen

GolfBays PRO Impact Screen

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Product description

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At GolfBays, we have crafted our exclusive range of cost-effective impact screens to suit any budget. Our high quality screens are designed to absorb high-impact shots.

Whether you chose our LITE, PRO or QuadPRO our screens are the perfect companion to pair with our enclosures and world class launch monitors such as SKYTRAK & TRAKMAN.

GolfBays screens are designed to provide a crystal-clear view of the game's most iconic courses in ULTRA HD. Crafted from hard-wearing fabrics to ensure the best performance and screen durability.

Our exclusive range comprises of three levels of purposely designed screens - LITE, PRO and QuadPRO. These will suit all budgets and accommodate all standards of golfer.

Screen FAQs & Guidance




  • Ideal for home and light commercial use.
  • Made from 100% Polyester impact screen fabric
  • HD quality projection surface,  2-layer enhanced performance screen - for added durability
  • Eyelets every 8 inches around all four sides
  • Reduced noise levels
  • Blackout fabric to enhance image quality
  • Hard wearing
  • Improved thermal performance




We do not attach the bottom of the screen, it is recommended that you let it hang loose and just fold the screen underneath. This allows some give in the material, so please allow for this in your measurements.



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Please contact for custom fittings.

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