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We are happy to present a brand-new Home Impact Box that can be used with any Golf System.


Play Golf Indoors with the Luxury of having an always flat Premium Video Projection Screen set inside a brushed aluminium frame.


Aluminium Frame

45mm Aluminium System, which is built up in 30 Minutes by an Single Person. Can be moved easy by one Person (Second Person for build-up is recommended but not needed)


Covered with a superb plush fabric which is rubber backed for strength, all mounted using a secure Velcro System.

Top Wall / Roof

A Black Heavy duty Fabric Wave which stops high Flying Balls instantly.

Dual Layer Impact Screen

Always Flat Dual Layer Impact Screen, without any Seams . Mounted to the aluminum frame with side flaps for safety to stop the ball escaping or hitting the frame

Size :

width/height/depth in cm (inside dimensions) 300 x 250 x 125