• Robuster Rahmen

    Unser Easy-Click-Rahmen besteht aus hochwertigen Materialien und ist sowohl einfach aufzubauen als auch sehr langlebig. Entwickelt, um Ihnen maximale Spielzeit ohne Kompromisse zu bieten.

  • Aufprallschirm

    Alle unsere Prallschutzgitter sind aus hochwertigem Schlagmaterial gefertigt und so konstruiert, dass sie Schlägen standhalten. Für Flexibilität mit Bungee-Seilen am Rahmen befestigt.

  • Sechs Rahmengrößen

    Wir bieten 6 verschiedene Rahmengrößen an, um den meisten Raumgrößen gerecht zu werden. Unterschiedliche Höhen, Breiten und Tiefen sorgen dafür, dass Sie den perfekten Golfplatz für Ihr Heimtraining finden.

Based on 141 reviews
Not fully fitted but looks great already!!!

Got my Grass yesterday. Not fully fitted but looks great already!!! surface is not bad to putt on either.

Excellent Training Aid

The golf team enjoys practicing with the Puttout training mat. More practice means better putting on the course. The quality of the product is excellent.

Love the new Pro+ Impact Screen

Just Installed this new Pro+ screen at my commercial golf simulator. The difference between the old one and this new one is astounding. Not only is it much quieter but the image projection is so much more clearer. It is installed quite tightly using the Bungee balls but there is no significant bounce back.
I unequivocally recommend the Pro + impact screen.

Quality & Clarity at an excellent price

We replaced our worn out net this week. The quality of the netting and the image is vastly improved. We went for the mid range net but decided this time to add the foam backing net which now having seen it, is a must do for anyone thinking of replacing. Also - don't underestimate the time saved by using the bungee cords. The backing net we fitted with cable ties took ages. Impact net done with the cords - literally 5 minutes work. Great service from the guys as well. Before & After pics below.

Skytrak and case

Great improvement over my old skytrak . Went with the play and improve package for some coarses to play . Now it did take a while to get everything working but skytrak we’re helpful with this , you do need a good internet to play the Coarses but after a few teething issues works really good and seem accurate. Excellent delivery and helpful staff from golf bays

Simbox Bay

I recently purchased your SimBox bay and wanted to reach out First off, the assembly was super easy, and that makes your bay awesome compared to the other bays I've installed before. Quality is there everywhere, I have suggested your product to several friends of mine

Great Company - Simbox 5 stars

I recently bought a package from you - Golf bay, mats, Skytrak plus, golf sim 2019.
This is a message to Oliver in particular - but to all at Golf Bay. I am absolutely delighted with the whole set up and subsequent help when needed from yourselves. I would recommend you to anyone who asks! I can now practice at home even when it’s raining!
I installed it in a 4m square conservatory. Unfortunately I had to bring the screen forwarda bit due to the sloping conservatory roof, so I have a blank space on the screen lower down but I can live with that. I have installed a Benq 4k laser projector which is brilliant!
Si this shows that people can install a simulator in a comparatively small room - I still have room to take a full driver swing safely! (Just).

Here are some photo’s I have taken on the completion!

Great Enclosure

We bought this enclosure along with the rest on the set up for my golf club, Alderley Edge GC where it looks fantastic in the disused snooker room. It has had loads of use with no signs of wear and the guys were very easy to deal with. Would buy again.

Brilliant piece of kit

-Great product
-Video analysis is a great built in feature
-Accurate data (checked against trackman)
-set up is key to get accurate speeds/distance
-For shorter flight times (indoor) it will over estimate your shots by about 20-30yards. (My club speed is ~98mph for reference)
-This would be 5 star if it didn’t have the miss measurements

This product is great, better than most on the market for what you get as you also get 5 E6 simulator courses free compared to other similar priced simulators which you need to pay an annual subscription.

I will say that depending on how you set it up you will get some inaccuracies depending on how much flight time the ball has. In my set up shown I have an outdoor set up (when using mevo+ set it to indoor, as this uses a shorter distance of flight time compared to outdoor on a proper range). It over estimated my clubs by about 20-30 yards on the E6 which isn’t too bad, I just take that into account and it’s still good fun.
The actual data you get is great and although you don’t get face and path direction it’s pretty damn good compared to trackman and gcquad.

Flightscope has helped my game

Great item. Has provided me with hours of fun, exercise and helped my game along the way. I’ve found the shot tracking to be accurate and brutally honest. I know the feeling of when I slice it, and sure enough so does the mevo+.

Distances, for me are accurate. Sure I can occasionally push my 5 iron to 190 but realistically it’s a 170 if I swing it like I should, not out of my shoes. So distances become realistic and it’s made me rethink how far and which clubs I should be using during real golf.

There’s a slight learning curve with how the mevo connects with apps (I use it on a iPad Pro) but after a while you learn that as long as you force quit other apps that are connected to the mevo you can change to another one. Makes sense.

I also turn devices on in a sequence: mevo, iPad Pro and connect to mevo Wi-Fi, Apple TV, projector and once app is running turn on “screen mirroring” on iPad to Apple TV. Works every time.

Both THE “Awesome golf app” and e6 golf work reliably with the Flightscope. I only use mine indoors. My indoor setup includes an iPad Pro, Apple TV, HD BenQ projector, small spotlight, hitting mat and a full size 9x12x5 indoor golf enclosure.

What’s good practice? Playing virtual golf courses. Sure you can pound shots at the driving range, but the real advantage is playing virtual golf and moving around on the tee boxes. For a few months I played 18 holes with only a 5 iron and 8 iron. Now I’m very confident with both clubs.

No doubt this has translated to better golf on the real course. Improved ball striking, tempo and course management for my game, anyway.

If you have the time and space I’d highly recommend the Mevo+

Skytrak Install

Happy with my Skytrak package. Great service frmo Rob. Easy to set up.

Good enclosure

Golf Bays were fantastic to deal with.

SkyCaddie Hard Case
Martin Webb
Hard case

Sky caddie hardcase. Good quality, protects really well. Quick delivery, product as described. Very pleased.

SkyCaddie PRO5X GPS
Eric Troughton
New sky caddie

Exceptional service and prompt delivery. Superb personal attention

Eats balls, but great screen

It's a great screen, seems good value too. But do keep in mind that the fabric is quite abrasive! Don't use yellow balls or you'll have yellow spots on the screen, don't use dirty balls or balls with markings as they'll make spots on the screen. And as the screen is quite abrasive, it just eats balls, when you're a high-spin player like I am. After just a few rounds the covers are getting quite worn out. I'd not recommend this screen for those that want to use the MLM2PRO or any launch monitor that uses the RCT-balls as they just wont last that long.

Great Product

Used with the Optoma Short throw, great product, does the job!

Skytrak+ bundle

Great service from Golfbays, loads of delivery updates, solved a little problem in minutes, great to deal with

Swing Plate - Extension Pole
Douglas Mackenzie
Swing plate extension pole

Great service super fast delivery

EazyNet Golf Practice Net
Suchatit Wanchaitanawong

Good product. It s work with my living room.

Divot board

Really good training aid - easy to use and instant feedback. Have used for a few days and seems to be robust enough.

Great product (some teething issues) - Golf Bays Brill

I bought the skytrak+ It's a great product. There are a couple of teething issues to look for.
1 - register your device. The software will mess you about before you do
2 - lining up is a bit fussy, but once you get it right it's brill, use the alingement guide with the two lazers.
The skytrak+ is fantastic, I want to use it for club path and face to path. Possibly club speed. It's also good for spin if indoors with a good ball.
I don't use it for sim golf.
Very happy, Golf Bay's did everything well too - thanks.

GolfBays Metallic Golf Ball Dots For Trackman, Flightscope Mevo + & Garmin R10

brillant service

very efficient, delivery on time , products good.

Good product, slightly bigger than it needs to be otherwise excellent

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