At GolfBays, we use AWIN to onboard and track affiliate activity.

Here's a quick step-by-step guide for those interested in joining the GolfBays affiliate program.

If you don't have an account with AWIN yet:

  1. Create an account here:
    Lewis Capaldi AWIN application
  2. Pick Promotional Type categories. The three highlighted below are relevant for content creators.
    awin promotional type
  3. Fill in Promotional Space details and tick all relevant categories to you. We recommend you pick Sports Equipment to ensure you come on our radar, as that's our main category.
    awin promotional space
  4. Lastly, fill in your Address details.
    awin verification address
  5. You'll be asked to deposit £1 for a security check.
    Awin Publisher Registration Deposit
  6. After the payment went through, you should get redirected to a Registration Successful, saying your application is with the AWIN Compliance Team for review.
    Awin registration successful
  7. Then you'll receive a pending approval email.
    application to join Awin is pending approval
  8. 30 minutes later, I got an email from AWIN to say my application was approved. *Note: It sometimes takes a few days for AWIN to process new applications, so be patient before you reach out to them.
    application approved awin

You have an account with AWIN already:

  1. Sign in to AWIN and go to the Advertisers tab and select Join Programmes.
    awin join
  2. Search for GolfBays or our account IDs 61131 (US) & 61133 (UK) and click the + icon to send your application. *Note: Make sure you're viewing the All Advertisers tab.
    all advertisers search awin
  3. Write us a brief message about who you are and what you plan on doing. We'll review your application and get you approved.
    join programme prompt awin


What's the commission rate?

The default commission rate is 3%. However, we are considering offering higher rates for content publishers who put effort and time into sharing useful and unique content with the golf community. If you're a content creator, we'd love to talk. Send us an email to