Überprüfung des Skytrak-Startmonitors

Robert Hart

Es kann äußerst schwierig sein, zu entscheiden, welchen Abschussmonitor Sie für die Einrichtung Ihres Golfsimulators verwenden sollen. Die Preise können unterschiedlich sein und es ist schwer zu wissen, welche das beste Erlebnis bieten. Was am...

Trackman: The King of Launch Monitors?

Robert Hart
Trackman is a dual radar-based system to track both the golf club and ball, before, during and after impact. One of the radars is a short range, ultra high-resolution system.

An AVERAGE Day at GolfBays

Robert Hart
Here at GolfBays there isn’t an “average day” as it goes. Whether we are out on a site visit measuring up a new room, on the phone to customers helping them design their dream simulator, hosting a corporate event at a super car dealership or teaching all day at our own studio. No day is the same and we love that.

The Golf Bays Simbox

James Dobell
The SimBox by GolfBays is quite possibly the most comprehensive product to start you off playing golf in your own home. It is light, portable can be set up with no tools, and can fit a multitude of rooms due to coming in six different sizes. All this means it is the most accessible way to start enjoying home golf simulation. This post will give an overview on why this product is a market leader and is changing the game.