Many people are familiar with golf but don’t know the backstory and origin of the name and the game. Some people may think that golf is an acronym, but that is not the case. The word comes from the Dutch word “kolf” or “kolve”, which means “club”. Knowing that golf just means club may be a little anticlimactic for some people but most of the popular sports are generally just named after the ball or equipment used in the sport. Think about the name basketball where players put a ball in a basket or football where players are allowed to touch the ball with just their feet.


In the late 14th or 15th century the Dutch word “kolf” took on a different dialect from the Scottish and it started to be pronounced “goff” in the late 14th or early 15th century. It wasn’t until the 16th century that it later became pronounced the way we know it today, “golf”.


Golf History


Golf has an interesting history as well. The game originated in Scotland in the 1400s where people would hit pebbles over sand dunes with a stick that they formed into a club. It grew from there into something close to the game of golf today. In the 15th century Scotland was preparing for an invasion from the Auld Enemy but the people of Scotland were so enthralled with golf at the time that it distracted them from their war training. King James II ended up banning the sport in 1457 so they would focus more on their training rather than golfing. It took until 1502 for the game to be popular and acceptable again in Scotland and it took off from there.


Golf has come a long way since they were playing with sticks and pebbles in the sand dunes. Now some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world are golf courses and people will play throughout the year or even professionally for large sums of money.


Golf Simulators


Golfers can now even enjoy golf courses virtually where you can play a sped up game to get more holes and rounds in with golf simulators. These golf simulators have become so realistic at tracking your shots and giving you an accurate gameplay that it is a true simulation of playing on an actual course.


Golf has a rich history from long ago and the game has continued to grow ever since. The recent technology in golf with golf simulators and GPS trackers are just recent innovations into golf tech. More will continue to come and people will continue to innovate on the game that began with that Dutch word “kolf” that was coined so long ago now.


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