One of the most interesting things about golf that not many people talk about is that you get to pick which ball you play with. In what other sport can you use a different ball from everyone else playing in the same contest? There aren’t many, and it actually can greatly affect your golf game more than you think depending on what ball you are playing with. Golf is undoubtedly a game of inches. Your ball can miss a fairway by inches or barely roll off the edge of the green after a beautiful 200-yard iron shot hit perfectly feet from the pin. We will look at some of the top balls right now that can give you just that slight edge that you may need to cut your score down by a few shots.


Whether you are playing on a golf simulator where you can get five times as many holes in or on a regular course, your golf balls will matter. While some of these top golf balls can be £40 or £60 per dozen, on a golf simulator it could be worth that price as you can’t lose a ball on a golf simulator, unless you are really bad.


Titleist Pro V1


Titleist Pro V1s have been one of the top balls for years now. Players rave that it is the best all-around golf ball that offers superior longevity so it will hold up for much longer than other balls and probably most importantly it is consistent. Golf is all about being consistent. If you can consistently hit the same shots over and over and know what to expect from each swing and each club, then you can be really good. It is a massive advantage to have a ball that is consistent as well.


Srixion Z-Star


For those who love to rip into the ball with a fast swing, the Srixion Z-Star golf ball may be for you. This ball can give you extreme benefits as it offers maximum distance and control on your shots. To get the most out of this ball you have to be a fast swinger. It is a great value ball though for anyone who wants a premium ball at a fair price.


Bridgestone Tour B RXS


The Bridgestone Tour B RXS is an alternative to the Srixon Z-Star. It is a comparable price but is made for those moderate level swingers. Top control and feel can be had with this ball and players love how it handles in windy conditions as well.


For those in the market for the top golf balls consider these three options. If you are playing on a simulator and want a cool way to display your premium balls, check out a golf pyramid. It looks super cool and is a convenient way to store a bunch of balls

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