How much is a Golf Simulator?

Robert Hart

Good question! When it comes to the cost of a golf simulator, there are a number of things you need to factor in. The price being one – obviously! But price isn’t everything.


An AVERAGE Day at GolfBays

Robert Hart
Here at GolfBays there isn’t an “average day” as it goes. Whether we are out on a site visit measuring up a new room, on the phone to customers helping them design their dream simulator, hosting a corporate event at a super car dealership or teaching all day at our own studio. No day is the same and we love that.

Garmin R10: Best Bang For Your Buck?

James Dobell

Garmin R10: Best Bang For Your Buck?  The Garmin R10 is one of the most exciting launch monitors currently on the market. Why is that you ask? The answer is, it has a great blend of high-quality data...