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Longridge Magnetic Club Alignment Trainer

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MAGNETIC CLUB ALIGNMENT TRAINER attaches to your irons and wedges to provide a visual of your aim and positioning of the club face (open, closed, square) at impact. See where you are aiming before swinging the club with this golf swing trainer. IMPROVE YOUR CHIPPING start hitting greens more often and closer to the pin with this simple Magnetic Club Aligner. Not compatible with non-magnetized clubs, drivers, or putters. CORRECT SWING AIM and path alignment, develop proper swing positioning and face control with the portable alignment aid. CLUB ALIGNMENT TRAINER HAS A POWERFUL MAGNET that attaches to most irons to demonstrate true ball flight path from the club head; perfect for any golfer Left, or right-handed, men’s, women’s, and child Golf training tool for tour professional or novice. Made from ABS plastic + stainless steel Size: 16cm (shortened size) -26.5cm (expanded size)
Product Features
  • Corrects improper face alignment, helps align club face and body to the target
  • Telescopic pole allows adjusting the length according to your needs
  • Attaches to irons/wedges strongly to demonstrate and correct golf swing aim and control the angle of the golf ball

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