We were set to the task of creating a luxury golf simulator solution in the front room of a new house.

The room dimensions of the simulator room are 5 metres wide, 2.9 metres high and 7 metres depth. 

To begin, we arranged a introductory meeting with the the client down at Golf bays HQ in Cheshire .

We showed the customer all the different types of launch monitors available of the market, after an hour of consideration the client opted to use the trackman 4 launch monitor. The client liked the accuracy of the trackman 4 launch monitor  and also the user interface of the program.

We then showed the client the different variations of wall padding and golf enclosures. The customer wanted a permanent fitted simulator bay and therefore didn't want to have a free standing Simbox enclosure system. The customer felt that the fitted solution was more premium for there house. 

We showed the client multiple simulator acoustic wall tile finishes, however The customer Opted for a grey  upholstered leatherette tiles. The client loved that they were hand made, and felt more luxury than other simulator tiles they had seen.


We made the custom leatherette tiles pre site install  based of the dimensions of the room. 


We then discussed the different types of impact screen and projectors available on the market. The customer wanted to double the simulator room up to be a cinema too, they preferred a high quality screen and projector system. They chose to use the GolfBays Pro + Impact screen and a ViewSonic LS921 WU.

The client was a 6 handicap golfer and wanted to ensure that the hitting surface was as real feel as possible. We showed the various hitting mats we sell and they decided on the 1.5 x 1.5 Insert tee mat, With the Trackman 4 they felt that it was the best mat to use as they could put the tee straight into the mat , also they felt that with iron shots it felt more like hitting of real grass.

Lastly, Gaming PC, we discussed the options of Laptop or PC to run the Trackman golf simulation software. The customer felt that the GolfBays custom built gaming PC was the  best option. They were concerned that they wanted  the system to be smooth as possible and enough memory for future updates. Golfbays built the custom PC to the specs required.


Golf Simulator Installation 


The Golf Bays installation team installed the simulator perfectly into the space and satisfying the customers requirements .  The installation took around 3 days to complete and was finished at an very high standard.  


See picture of the finished result ....


If your looking to turn an un-used space into a world class simulator, please get in touch with the GolfBays Team




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