When the Skytrak golf simulator came onto the market it really changed how golf simulators were perceived. It was a giant step in golf simulation technology. The Garmin R10 model was launched in just 2021 and it was seen as being similar to when the Skytrak first launched. It is truly that good and comes at an affordable price. The features and system as a whole rival what other launch monitors do for double or more the price. In this review we will look at how the Garmin R10 works, the accuracy of the simulator as a whole, the features, and the data that they provide users as well.



Radar Technology


While there are different ways to track club and ball data with golf simulators, Garmin uses radar technology. It has a small doppler radar compared to some of the other models but still provides accurate readings up there with some of the top of the line models. Cameras are also used to record every one of your swings. It makes it one of the top golf simulators at a fair price based on all that it can do.


Shot Accuracy


This won’t be the most accurate system, but for the price it is really good. Some of the top and more expensive models will do a better job of tracking accurately, but you can get a reasonable experience with the Garmin R10 as well. Some users really think that this provides great accuracy while some others claim that they are mildly disappointed with how it tracks. This leads us to think that it is good but not the greatest. But, yet again, for the price it seems like it is really good.




Impressively, the Garmin R10 has over 42,000 courses that you can play on. Their systems allow for essentially any course to be played on. Don;t be surprised if one or nearly all of your local courses can be played on the system. This can make it a great system to practice on if you are going to go out and play your local courses you can get a practice round in before. Another cool feature is the ability that just a handful of other golf simulators offer, which is the ability to play online against others in tournaments and matches.




Because every single shot is recorded on their cameras there are over 14 different data points that they provide. Additionally, there are 10 hours of battery life so you can play it inside while on the go and take it outside as well for long periods of time. All of the most important data that you could want is provided on the Garmin R10 and there really are no complaints about this aspect of it.

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