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Let’s talk impact screens. Why are they so important? What are the differences from screen to screen? Finally, what screen suits me best? Here at GolfBays we supply and sell a multitude of different impact screens that will benefit many different people and settings. From home simulators, commercial set ups and teaching studios. We have something that will work for you. 

Why is the screen so important? 

Your impact screen is one of the most important parts of your golf simulator set up. The reason being that the screen is where you and potentially your clients, will view the image from your projector and of course, its what they will hit golf balls against. Therefore, if a poor-quality screen is used then this will drastically affect the image you see on screen and could detract from the overall playing or coaching experience. This means that it is imperative to select the correct screen for your surrounds and to choose the one that suits you best. 

Another reason for using a simulator specific impact screen and not just any net or archery screen is safety. The screen is there to catch the golf ball when it impacts the screen. Our screens are designed to absorb the impact of the ball through the material of the screen and the bungee straps used to hold the screens sides in place. If your screen is too tight because traditional cable ties have been used to strap it together, it can cause a trampoline like effect on the screen. This causes the golf ball to bounce back from the screen instead of being absorbed. Furthermore, the screen must be a strong enough material that the ball will not penetrate it and fly through. Therefore, a purpose-built screen is a must. 


What can different screens offer me? 

At GolfBays we supply a range of different screens that suit different settings. The most basic but highly effective screen we offer is our Close-Knit Baffle Impact Screen. This super affordable screen is ideal for either home or commercial use. The main benefit of this screen is that is a Super Quiet Screen. This is due to it being a hard-wearing archery baffle screen. As the screen is slightly porous, the sound of hitting a golf ball is absorbed and not reverberated. This makes it a fantastic option for a home simulator. Reducing the impact noise will reduce the chance of neighbours or others complaining. Meaning you can enjoy your golf stress free. Furthermore, due to the tight baffle, the projection quality is extremely high level for just a single layer screen. This creates an immersive gaming experience at a great price point. 

The second screen we offer is our very own branded GolfBays impact screen. With this there are thre screens to choose from, the LITE, the PRO and the QUAD PRO. These are our specially designed screens which have been developed specifically for indoor golf. Below are some important points about each screen. 


  • Unique knitted 100% polyester fabric layer 
  • Ideal for home use 
  • High quality projection surface 
  • Eyelets every 8 inches 


  • 2-layer enhanced performance screen for added durability 
  • Suitable for home and light commercial use 
  • High quality projection surface with blackout fabric 2nd layer to enhance image quality 
  • Eyelets every 8 inches 
  • Reduced noise levels 


  • 3-layer including an impact resistant foam cushioned centre 
  • Suitable for home, light commercial and large-scale event use 
  • Superior quality, fully reversible projection surface with blackout fabric 2nd layer 
  • Eyelets every 8 inches 
  • Reduced noise levels 

This gives you an overview of each individual screen we offer. The advantage our GolfBays screens have over the Close-Knit Baffle screen is the image projection. Each of our GolfBays screens offers premium HD projection. The reason for this is that our screens are so much more tightly knit than the baffle style screens. This means that virtually no light can escape through the screen. Giving you an incredibly crisp, clear image. This allows for fluid gameplay and maximum enjoyment. It also creates am improved visual image for a commercial setting which can set you apart from the competition. 


Which screen will suit me? 

When trying to answer this question, the most important point to think about is. What are you using your space for? If you are using your space for a home golf simulator and are looking for a quiet, cost-effective screen then the Close-Knit Baffle is the way to go. You won’t be disappointed with its performance. 

If you are using your space for home simulation but you want a crisp, clear image for an ultimate gaming experience, then one of our GolfBays impact screens will be the way to go. The decision between the LITE, PRO and QUAD PRO just boils down to how much you are using your simulator. 

If you are just using it occasionally for at home practice, then the LITE would be your choice. 

If you are looking for a more hard-wearing screen for increased usage and greater sound dampening, then you’ll want the PRO. 

Finally, if you are looking for a high-quality image coupled with material than can last over 75,000 shots with proper care, then the QUAD PRO is the winner. By far our highest quality screen is perfect for commercial simulators and teaching studios where large amounts of balls will be hit, and image quality is of highest importance. The QUAD PRO will not disappoint in this setting. 




Other Impact Screen Products: 

A great addition to any one of our fantastic impact screens would be our Foam Layer Backing Screen. This is a foam layer that is hung behind your impact screen. This foam layer slows the ball down much faster than just the impact screen. Meaning the impact is reduced, therefore extending the life of your impact screen. A softer impact also means a quieter impact sound, furthermore there is also reduced bounce back from the screen. These foam backing layers can be installed on any of our impact screens including our GolfBays SimBox. 

Another great finishing touch to your screen would be our Foam Triangle Protection Pelmet. This is a foam wedge that sits at the bottom of your screen. Its main function is to prevent golf balls from going underneath your screen or hit the rear bar on a SimBox. The smart design really finishes a simulator off well and offers a great function. 




I hope this gives you a good overview of what the importance of a good impact screen is, the difference between what they offer and what screen would be best for you space. If you have any questions or would like tailored support in choosing which screen is right for you. Please get in contact with our sales team who will guide you to your perfect screen. 


Harrison Peck PGA Professional

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