An AVERAGE Day at GolfBays

Robert Hart
Here at GolfBays there isn’t an “average day” as it goes. Whether we are out on a site visit measuring up a new room, on the phone to customers helping them design their dream simulator, hosting a corporate event at a super car dealership or teaching all day at our own studio. No day is the same and we love that.

Garmin R10: Best Bang For Your Buck?

James Dobell

Garmin R10: Best Bang For Your Buck?  The Garmin R10 is one of the most exciting launch monitors currently on the market. Why is that you ask? The answer is, it has a great blend of high-quality data...

The Golf Bays Simbox

James Dobell
The SimBox by GolfBays is quite possibly the most comprehensive product to start you off playing golf in your own home. It is light, portable can be set up with no tools, and can fit a multitude of rooms due to coming in six different sizes. All this means it is the most accessible way to start enjoying home golf simulation. This post will give an overview on why this product is a market leader and is changing the game. 

Launch Monitors, SkyTrak or Flightscope Mevo+? Review

James Dobell
Over the past few years, many companies have started produce cheaper, more affordable launch monitors. Due to this, golf simulators and studios have become more accessible to the consumer. However, there is one questions that we at GolfBays get asked the most. Which launch monitor is best for me?