How to Swing a Golf Club

Your swing in golf is obviously the most important part. There are infinite ways to swing a golf club and no two players have exactly the same swing. While there are a lot of golfers that have similar swings, not one swing is 100% correct. What matters the most is finding a swing that is comfortable and works for you. It doesn't exactly matter how it looks as some of the best golfers you will find out on the course have some odd looking swings.

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 For those who want to practice some of the techniques and basic strategies in this article to get a solid and consistent golf swing, it is advised to practice on a golf simulator, a driving range or on a real course. Golf technology has recently made it possible to play real and full courses with golf simulators. This is a great way to practice as you can hit as many balls as you want and even play real courses in a fraction of the time to get more practice in a real life golf situation. These golf simulators are so accurate that you will have a near identical experience on a simulator as you would actually playing in real life.


Iron and Wedge Swings


Before you even begin to swing a club you are going to want to line up correctly on the ball you are about to hit. If you are not lined up correctly it doesn’t matter how good your swing is as it will not go the direction you want. To line up correctly, walk up to the side of the ball and face it with your feet perpendicular to the direction you want to hit the ball. Spread your feet about shoulder-width apart and line your club up just a few inches in front of the ball. It is important before taking your real swing and stepping up to the ball to make sure the swing you take will produce a good hit.


Practice bringing the club back behind your back shoulder and then following through skimming the grass exactly where your club started and then carrying that swing all the way through to your opposite shoulder. If you can get a fluid swing in two motions, one bringing it back and two pulling it through while skimming the grass, you should be ready to step up and hit the ball.


Tee and Putter Swings


For hitting woods off of the tee you are going to want to do the same exact thing as an iron or wedge shot but come through just an inch or two off the grass, depending on how high you have the ball teed up. For putting, you bring your swing back just a few inches or more and swing your putter through the ball narrowly above the grass.


Written by Robert Hart

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