The Optishot 2 is an interesting model of launch monitors. It was built to be small, easy to use, and to be affordable. They definitely were successful in making this as it is one of the best selling golf simulators of all time. Just because it was made simply and at an affordable price for the masses doesn't mean that it isn’t good though. It is great for those who want a golf simulator at a good price that works really well and can be used essentially anywhere.


Infrared Sensors


Optishot 2 doesn't use any high speed cameras to get the data they need to analyze your swing to decipher how the ball will travel. They use these infrared sensors to track the club as you swing it back and through where the ball is teed up or where it would be teed up. We say where it would be teed up because it isn't even necessary with Optishot to use a ball. They analyze the club data and determine based on your swing where the ball will travel and how it will travel. This can be a downside for some people or a bonus for those who don't want to chase around balls or don't have a ton of space to set up a screen and sim enclosure.


Shot Accuracy


While there is no actual ball that the Optishot tracks, just the club, it is remarkably accurate with how it displays your shots. Users say that it is the most accurate for iron and wood shots but can struggle a bit with chipping and putting. A lot of players on simulators don't even use the putting feature on most simulators so it is somewhat unimportant for a lot of people. Optishot also has a club calibration feature where users can calibrate their clubs to get an even higher accuracy rating.




For a good price Optishot has it all. While it may not rival some of the more expensive models that can be five or even 10 times more expensive, they do offer a good amount of features that those more expensive models have as well. It is impressive what is packed into this launch monitor. A really cool feature is the ability to play online against other users. It is one of the few simulators to have this feature.


The Data


Optishot doesn't track the ball and a ball isn't even needed to play. With this being said, there is a good amount of data that you can find out about your club and overall swing. Not having a ball can be a big reason why players may not want to go with this model, but for the price you get so much with the Optishot 2.

Written by Robert Hart

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