It can be extremely hard to decide what launch monitor to use for your golf simulator setup. The prices can be all over the place and it is hard to actually know which ones provide the best experience. What really matters in the end is that the simulator allows you to easily play and is accurate based on your hits. Skytrak is one of the best and is at a fairly affordable price. For golf simulators in this price range, you likely won’t find one that will out-do the Skytrak. Let’s take a look in this review at what makes the Skytrak so good.


Photometric Technology


Most of the golf simulators on the market now will use camera-based or radar-based tracking systems. The Skytrak uses a camera-based photometric launch monitor that uses high-speed cameras to get the most accurate read on your hits. After that data is collected there are also complicated algorithms that will add that data together with some additional factors to come up with all of the metrics of your shot essentially in real-time.


Shot Accuracy


At the price range that the Skytrak is at, it is one of the most accurate on the market. That is a main reason as to why so many go with this model. You can save thousands by using this model versus a more expensive one and still get extremely close to the accuracy that those provide. If you are buying a golf simulator in this price range, you should feel good about the accuracy you will get with the Skytrak. The Skytrak is marketed as an indoor and outdoor simulator but the outdoor accuracy is not as good as some other models that are for this. For indoor use, it is spectacular though.




The features on the Skytrak are plentiful. It is another reason why this is such a popular launch monitor. The features you get at this price are unmatched. Their users rave about how user friendly the features are and how easy it is to figure out. Some features to note are multicolour shot tracers to track different club hits, different skill tests, competitions, and much more. Player's love comparing their clubs with some of these special features they provide to see how different clubs hit.


The Data


A lot of users love golf simulators due to the immense amount of data that they return. This is used to further tweak your swing and ball striking. There is a ton of information that Skytrak gives you on both the club data and ball data. Over a dozen different metrics are tracked and the only thing that is really missing from their data is the advanced club info that tracks things like club path and angles.

Written by Robert Hart

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