Everyone loves to go out to their local courses to play 18 holes on the weekend. London has some of the best courses in the world and any golf enthusiast should experience these courses and more. For some people it is more difficult to make it happen than for others though. There are family and time constraints as well as the factor of how much some of these nice courses cost or how hard they are to actually get a tee time on. Technology nowadays has made it possible to play even the best and most exclusive courses anywhere. One of the top golf simulators on the market is the Trackman. This gives golfers the full experience of playing the best courses in the world.


West Essex Golf Club is one of the most historic and scenic golf courses in all of London. It offers 270-degree views from an elevated viewpoint of the front nine holes and an epic view of the London skyline. Playing this course on the Trackman golf simulator offers all of that and the font nine can be played in just 30 minutes. The course was founded all the way back in 1900 by one of the most well-known golf course designers, James Braid. He designed over 400 courses and West Essex is one of his best. Users on the Trackman can enjoy the beauty of this course and play it over and over again.


For those who have dreamed about making the trip to play at St. Andrews. Trackman has four courses from St. Andrews that makes it accessible whenever to play courses that are on every golfer’s course bucket list. Play as many rounds as you want again and again and tee off on some of the most famous holes in the world on these St. Andrews courses. It is truly an epic course to play as you have probably watched some of golf’s greatest play in Open Championships there. One of the most iconic holes in the world is the 18th hole on the Old Course at St. Andrews. Experience this hole on the Trackman and get the full experience of playing this and many of the other iconic St. Andrews holes.


For those golfers who want a new and more convenient way of getting a full round in a much shorter time, try playing on a golf simulator. Simulators have come a long way and now they give the full experience of playing a real round and real holes. The Trackman offers nearly 200 courses from around the world and they are constantly adding new ones to their library, so there will never be a lack of new top courses to experience.



Written by Robert Hart

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