The ProTee DIY packages come in three different configurations to suit use and budget.

All the ProTee golf simulator packs are based on the same sensor mat technology.

ProTee Sensor mat has 101 optical sensors and an audio sensor that captures all the data from the club swing.

Including swing path – club speed – club face angle – sweetspot position – swing tempo – ball speed and ball path.

The sensor mat alone can provide enough data to play a full round of golf or just practice your driving, chipping and putting.

Also added to the system is a high-speed camera collecting 40 frames per second of ball data tracking the ball all the way to the screen.

A second over head camera is also available which again tracks the balls left and right deviation. All this club and ball data when partnered with the excellent The Golf Club TGC2019 software gives you a very accurate golf simulator experience.

3 products

3 products