PGA Teaching Enclosures

PGA Teaching Enclosures 

At Golfbays, we produce and install durable, steel frame temporary golf studios for PGA Golf Professionals. Since the British Isles climate isn't famed for its all year-round sunshine, we are here to put a stop to rain-soaked , rain-ruined golf lessons - once for all.

If you livelihood depends on a steady diet of teaching golfers to improve their game, then your outlook can be altogether brighter with Golf Bays UK.

We have 3 designs available 
Single undercover coaching bay
2 Bay Range
3 Bay Range

Advantages of using our Temporary Golf Studios

  • No more cancelled lessons due to the weather
  • Extremely flexible - Great for video teaching and general tuition
  • Protection from the Cold and Wind
  • A cost effective way to boost your income
  • Peace of Mind

We can tailor a package to your specific requirments. You can hire monthly, half yearly or annually. And the longer you hire the bigger discounts. Contact for more information.

Golf Clubs using GolfBays:
  • Ringway Golf Club
  • Hazel Grove Golf Club
  • Stockport Golf Club
  • Elgin Golf Club
  • Bulgaria Golf Club