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Commercial Archery Baffle Golf Simulator Impact Screen

Best For Heavy Commercial Use

€289,95 EUR
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At GolfBays, we have crafted our exclusive range of cost-effective impact screens to suit any budget. Our high quality screens are designed to absorb high-impact shots & work perfectly for your golf simulator.  

If you are a PGA Professional or Coach who relies on their simulator for income and business, then you need a screen that can stand up to the rigors of heavy, everyday use. 

The commercial baffle has been specifically designed to withstand heavy daily use in a commercial environment. 

The thick polyester blend baffle fabric is incredibly sturdy. This helps dampen the impact of the ball on the screen to limit bounce back, as well as reduce the noise with each shot. 

As the screen is porous, it will let light through, therefore the projection and image quality is not quite HD, to improve the image quality, we recommend using a Foam Backing Layer, this will block the holes in the baffle so the screen catches more light from the projector thus, improving the image quality. It will also improve the impact dampening and reduce sound. 

If you are looking for a long lasting affordable screen to help you boost your business, this is the screen for you. 

Screen FAQs & Guidance  


Please contact sales@golfbays.co.uk for custom fittings.

Product Features
  • Ideal for home, commercial or large scale event use
  • Hard wearing archery baffle screen
  • Super Quiet Screen
  • This isn't like any other archery baffle , it has been designed to be long lasting and great projection as the weave of the knit is very tight. (see pictures)
  • Brilliant quality projection surface, single layer screen (but can reverse)
  • Eyelets every 8 inches around three sides, no eyelets on the bottom of the screen
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Any Questions, please view our FAQsScreens FAQs & Guidance or Contact Us

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