Pro Series V2 Range Pro Package

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  • Pro Series V2 Golf & Multi Sports Net - Frame, Green Sleeve, Net
  • Pro Series Side Barriers (Pair)
  • Sandbags (4)
  • Rubber Tees (2)
  • Rugged, Duffle Carry Bag


The Net Return Introduces the Newest Version of our Pro Series Net... the "V2" or Version 2. The Pro Series V2 has replaced our Classic Pro Series Net - with significant enhancements. You can also watch our video below outlining the benefits of the V2.

The Net Return™ Pro Series V2 is the only golf net in the world that automatically returns the ball back to the golfer and provides a 250,000 shot guarantee! A Pro Series V2 can also handle golf ball speeds of 225 MPH with ease and is designed for years of use.  Please Note: Turf is sold separately and not included with a Pro Series V2 Net purchase. Turf is sold as an accessory (we sell a variety of types and sizes).



  • Height: 7' 6"
  • Width: 8'
  • Depth: 3' 6"
  • Weight: 32 lbs.



    The Pro Series Side Barriers are specifically designed for use with The Net Return Pro Series Net. The Side Barriers insure that mishit balls never leave the hitting area.  If using the Pro Series net indoors or in an area where errant balls are a safety concern, the Side Barriers are required. Many golfers also choose to add the Side Barriers when considering "Friends and Family" hitting into the net.