Are you an amateur golfer looking for a launch monitor under $1000 and don't know what to choose?

If so, you're in the right place.

Hitting range balls is great, but without a launch monitor, it can lead to some ineffective practice sessions. Luckily, there are more options than ever to use these devices without breaking the bank.

Launch monitors can help you learn more about each swing, including carry distance, shot shape, launch angle, and tons of other metrics. Not to mention, you can easily watch your swing to enhance your practice sessions and/or send it to a coach for further review.

Two of the top names in the market are the Garmin R10 and the Rapsodo MLM2Pro. Today we'll compare each to figure out which is the right monitor/simulator for you.

Garmin R10 vs Rapsodo MLM2 Pro vs Comparison

To begin, here is a quick summary of each device before getting into the head-to-head comparison.

Rapsodo MLM2Pro Launch Monitor Overview

The MLM2Pro is the latest launch monitor from Rapsodo that is a big upgrade from the original MLM.

The MLM was one of the first portable launch monitors and is still available at a fraction of the price (£269). It uses your phone as a camera, records up to 10 data points, works indoors/outdoors, and is iOS compatible.

The MLM2 Pro, however has a dual camera and Doppler radar technology that was released in 2023. This device will record your swing from a down-the-line angle and you can use your phone or tablet for an extra camera angle.

Plus, it has Impact Vision technology - this creates a second slow-motion GIF of your club at impact and initial ball flight at 240 frames per second. This feature makes it easy to see if you hit in the sweet spot, heel, or toe with ease. Paired with two camera angles, it’s never been easier to analyze your golf swing. 

It also has multi-vision swing replay, records up to 13 metrics, gives you access to more than 30,000 simulated courses, and works with IOS and Android devices. You do need to hit special balls (that are provided) when using indoors to get access to spin axis and spin rate data.

Read our full review of the Rapsodo MLM2 Pro here

Garmin R10 Launch Monitor Overview 

Now, let’s get into the specifics of the Garmin R10, which has a lot of similarities to the MLM2Pro. 

Garmin makes some of the best equipment in golf, specifically golf watches and several launch monitors as well. The R10 is smaller and hard to believe it can do so much with such a tiny design (the case is a little big, in our opinion). It is a little bit older, as it was initially released in 2021, but does get regular software updates. 

There is also one big difference from the Rapsodo device - Garmin is radar-based. This means it only measures club speed, ball speed, launch direction, launch angle, and timing of your swing. The other metrics are calculated using an advanced algorithm, which might not gauge your shots as accurately.

The Garmin R10 does come with Home Tee Hero, which gives you access to more than 42,000 courses. It’s slightly cheaper than the Rapsodo at £649. 

Comparing the Garmin R10 vs. Rapsodo MLM2 Pro

There are a lot of similarities between the two devices but some noticeable differences as well. Let’s go through each to see which one will suit your game the best.

Design and Specifications

First off, each launch monitor has great packaging and presentation. 

Both devices come with everything you need to get started hitting golf balls quickly. Each comes with a sturdy carrying case to protect your investment, and both fit in your bag with ease.

The Rapsodo launch monitor is slightly smaller than the Garmin, making it more portable and convenient. But unless you have a small, Sunday-type bag, it shouldn’t be much of an issue taking either one with you to the range or simulator. 

One thing both launch monitors have in common is that you can use them at the driving range or indoors… as long as you have 6–7 feet of space behind you. 

Swing Metrics and App Experience 

The Rapsodo launch monitor measures 13 distinct data points for each swing. You’ll need to hit indoors with designed Callaway golf balls to measure 2/13 measurements (including spin rate and spin axis). These balls do wear down quickly and aren’t cheap to replace at nearly $70/dozen. 

The Garmin launch monitor measures 10 data points, but as mentioned above, some are algorithm-based. Garmin does win when it comes to the number of courses, with more than 42,000. The MLM2Pro has 30,000, so there is still plenty of variety with each product. 

If you want even more options for additional courses and software, both launch monitors have E6 Connect and Awesome Golf compatibility. However, Garmin does also have access to TGC 2019, which includes an additional 150,000 golf courses and you can create your own. 

Garmin also has Creative Golf compatibility. This is an extra subscription to play an additional 140 courses with the ability to play with family and friends using the Golfisimo extension. 

Both apps have good free features, but you'll want to invest in the membership with either to get the most from either software.


Finally, we can’t forget to compare the cost of each device. 

For all they offer, both are priced quite well - the MLM 2 Pro is £649 while the Garmin R10 is £469. But if you want the Garmin membership to access all the features, it’s an additional £100.

The Rapsodo MLM2 Pro comes with one-year access to their premium membership. After the first year, you’ll need to spend another £199/year to retain these features. Otherwise, you’ll lose out on things like Rapsodo range, courses, spin data, and more metrics. 

If you want fewer features, you can always opt for the original Rapsodo MLM for £269 as well. 

There’s no doubt they’re both two of the best deals in golf and a great deal for a launch monitor under $1,000 each. 

Common Questions

Continue reading to learn more about these two launch monitors so that you can buy them with confidence. 

Is the Garmin R10 worth it?

Yes, the Garmin R10 is one of the best launch monitors in golf for under $1,000. Is it perfect? No, all devices have room to improve, but it’s accurate, easy to use, small, and provides tons of data to learn about your golf game. 

Does Garmin R10 work hitting into a net?

Yes, it does work when hitting into a net that is indoors or outdoors. It also works on the driving range, as long as you have enough space behind you to set it up. 

Is Rapsodo worth the money?

Yes, Rapsodo has two high-quality monitors for all types of golfers.

The MLM is one of the original portable launch monitors that work with your phone to provide data for each shot. It’s priced very well at only £269 and is a great tool to help your practice sessions if you're on a budget.

The MLM2Pro is £649, but has a lot more features that warrant the higher price tag. It has dual optical camera vision, simulation at more than 30,000 courses, and provides 13 metrics. Not to mention, it works with Apple and Android devices in an indoor or outdoor setting.

The MLM is a great way to get started with a launch monitor, but the MLM2Pro is better if you want more data plus simulation experience. Needless to say, both are worth the money and can help you 10X each practice session.  

How accurate is the Garmin R10 yardage?  

Both the Garmin R10 and Rapsodo launch monitors are incredibly accurate, despite the low price tag. They might not provide as much information about each swing as Trackman or Foresight Sports, but they’re nearly as accurate. For the price, both of these launch monitors are nearly impossible to beat. 

Optional Pick: Voice Caddie SC4 

While we’re big fans of both launch monitors, there is another contender we should mention - the Voice Caddie SC4. The newest Swing Caddie launch monitor is priced about the same (£569), works indoors/outdoors, and has one noticeable difference - on-screen metrics.

Like the previous SC300i, the SC4 provides data on the device. This makes it easy to get instant feedback on each swing without having to use a phone or tablet. It does sync with the Voice Caddie app to get even more data, log swing metrics, and more.

Plus, another big advantage of this launch monitor is that you don’t need as much space. You can set this monitor up five feet behind you, while the other two require 6–7 feet. 

Lastly, this device also doesn’t have a subscription feel like the other two launch monitors. But it doesn’t have as much compatibility with other software (only E6) to play additional golf courses. 

Closing Thoughts on the Best Launch Monitor

So, who wins the battle of the best launch monitor... Rapsodo MLM2 vs. the Garmin R10? Both are great choices, but it depends on what you’re looking for with your device. 

Here is a quick recap of what both launch monitors have in common:

  • Small, portable design with easy-to-use apps.
  • Automatically records video with data overlay.
  • Virtual golf courses for a simulation experience. 
  • Compatibility with E6 Connect and Awesome Golf. 
  • Similar price points when including membership to access all features.
  • Easy to set up and use, create an account and start hitting golf balls.

If you want more courses, Garmin is the way to go with 12,000+ more. They also have more 

compatibility with other software like TGC 2019 or Creative Golf. But don’t forget that Rapsodo still has 30,000+ courses, so it’s not like you’ll get bored playing the same courses on repeat. 

If you want more detailed metrics with additional accuracy, it’s probably best to choose the Rapsodo. Thanks to the dual camera, you’ll get more detailed and accurate data about more metrics. But honestly, both devices have plenty of swing data for the everyday golfer.

Either way, you can’t go wrong with these portable launch monitors, as they will make practice fun and enjoyable. With regular use, you can make the most of your offseason with indoor practice and make your outdoor practice much more effective. 

Have you tested these launch monitors yet? Which is your favourite?

Let us know in the comments below.

Written by Harrison Peck

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