One of the biggest questions for those who are looking to get a golf simulator in their house, business, or wherever is how much room do you need for a golf simulator? Any golf simulator will essentially be usable as long as you have enough space to swing your longest club. This isn’t an excessive amount of space and most people can fit one in their house or building easier than they thought.


For an average height person, you will only need about eight and half feet of ceiling height to swing a club. While it is recommended to have taller ceilings than that for the projector or for taller players, it is definitely possible to fit one into a room that has average or shorter ceilings like this.



The next thing to think about is the width and length of the golf simulator area you are planning. A good rule to go by is having at least 10 feet in either direction. This gives simulators the space needed to properly track your hits and also enough space to swing your club freely. At minimum when setting up a golf simulator, make sure you have ceilings at least eight and half feet tall with 10 feet of width and length as well.


There is a lot that goes into a golf simulator that people don't account for when planning the set up of one of the machines. The first thing is the launch monitor which should be in a protected place where it won’t get hit by a club or a ball. This needs a good amount of room as well because some can be fairly big. It should also be set up at least 10 feet from the next piece of equipment to ensure you have room for the impact screen. The impact screen shouldn’t be right up against a wall either as it could affect how the simulator tracks and could damage the wall.


Finally people will normally choose to buy a sim enclosure to keep everything within the space you have allotted for the golf simulator. This keeps errant shots from being launched out into your living room or good shots from bouncing off of the screen as well.


The room for a golf simulator depends on each person and the set up that they have. For the most part all of these steps in this article can be followed and you should have the adequate space for a golf simulator. Make sure to account for all of the equipment you will be getting and how it will be set up when planning your golf simulator of your own.

Written by Robert Hart

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